How it all started...

I believe behind every good business story lies motivation and a dream.

My motivation was my daughter and making sure I was able to give her the best life possible. My dream was to run my own business…with hair and makeup being my passion. So if you put it all together, that’s where MeTime started.

The truth is my background was in sales and marketing with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I was not a license stylist at the time, nor had I ever managed or owned a salon. I came up with the idea after my mom was hospitalized 2 months before my daughter was due.

I came to the quick realization that I was going to be left without childcare when my maternity leave was up and most likely house poor now needing to pay for daycare.

At the end of the day, EVERYONE needs a little MeTime. I hope you choose to spend yours with us!

Between working full-time and visiting my mom in the hospital daily nearly 8 months pregnant, I spent all my free time designing my vision for MeTime.

I wanted a salon where moms (or really anyone) could go without having to spend a crazy amount of money hiring a babysitter or waste their time off without children on their beauty needs.

I envisioned a positive, bright and fun environment with an upbeat staff, motivational quotes, unique retail and excellent service that the local community would support and WANT to visit…even for just a glass of wine after a long day!

It could also give myself and my staff the opportunity to bring our children to work with us…knowing they are safe and just a wall away.